Thursday, March 12, 2015

International Conference on Trends in Technology and Engineering

International Conference on Trends in Technology and Engineering – ICTTE’15 is organized by  in association with Arjun College of  Technology and International Journal for Trends in Engineering & Technology (IJTET). The aim of the conference is to carry together professionals and researchers from academic to industry to achieve their utilization in the areas and to encourage their development with genuine technology methods. The conference theme concentrates to discover the latest technological innovation, trends in technology and engineering and that are experienced by the professionals with the present strict rules and to convert these complications into prospects. Authors are approved to post original research or system documents on any appropriate topics. These can either be frequent or brief documents.

Welcome to ACT:
     ARJUN EDUCATIONAL TRUST is a Trust which comprises of Trustees with a composition of Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and an Academician established in the year 2010. ARJUN is born with tendencies towards the divine and pure in heart. He is charitable & controls his passions. He renounces the things of this world and compassionate towards all. He is gentle and modest. He has faith in the strength of his higher nature. He can forgive and endure. He is clean in thought and ACT. He is free from hatred and from pride. Such qualities are his birthright.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TRENDS IN ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJTET) Demands unique, unregistered research documents in engineering & Technological innovation. All the research papers are evaluated by our Evaluation panel and the paper are selected by the panel associates using strict evaluation process. All arrangements moving evaluation level will be released online once author completes the registration process. Papers must be prepared in English, may as well have sound language use and suitable terms.
We expect from authors that they have to check their paper submitted for publication should not be falsification and figure out they are posting just outstanding content for thought in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TRENDS IN ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJTET) publication. We effort our best to evaluate every paper for its originality, still if later on any structure regarded splitting the trademark will be uprooted from INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TRENDS IN ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJTET) list without former intimation to the authors

Call for Paper

Budding Technologists, Scientists, Professionals and Research scholars are all invited to present their unique work, researches and practice as technical papers in the international conference beneath the below mentioned sub themes.
The international conference includes the subsequent scopes for the professionals. The research works within the extent are satisfactory for the appearance in the international conference.
 CSE & IT:
  •  Artificial Intelligences(A.I.) & Pattern/Image Recognitions
  • Neural Networks and Biomedical Simulations
  • Virtual Visions, 3-D Object Retrievals, & Virtual Simulations
  • Data Mining, Web Image Mining, & Applications
  • Quality of Services and Communication Protocols
  • 3G/4G Network Evolutions
  • Mobile Computing for e-Commerce
  • Computer Networks
  • Cryptography and Foundation of Computer Security
  • Authentication/Authorization Issues
  • IDS/Firewall, Anti-Spam mail, Anti-virus issues
  • Wireless Access Security
  • Network Security Applications
  • Secure computing
  • Biometric authentication and algorithms
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Services
  • Image processing
  • Distributed Computing — P2P, Grid, Cloud
  • Data Storage and Processing
  • Mobile Computing

Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering:
  • Singnal amd Image Processing
  • Special machine drive and control
  • Trends and developments in nano technology
  • VLSI Design, Implementation & Application
  • Wirelesssensor and networksBio-medical Engineering
  • Broadband and Cellular Network
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Embedded Systems & Embedded Web Servers
  • Evolutionary Computing Applications
  • Facts, HVDC and Power Quality
  • Health Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Intelligent Controllers
  • Optical and Microwave Communication
  • Power Electronics & Power Quality
  • Power Optimization
Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics:
  • Soil-Structures Interaction (Static and dynamic)
  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Health Monitoring Technologies
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Geotechnical analysis and design
  • Monitoring of Structures and Buildings
  • Aerospace Systems and Technology
  • Alternate Fuels & IC Engines
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Conceptual Design Support
  • Dam Engineering
  • Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  • Eco-Friendly / Sustainable Technologies
  • Foundation Engineering

Important Dates

Last Date for paper Submission : 02/04/2015
Notification of Acceptance        : 04/04/2015
Last of Registration fee             : 06/04/2015
Conference Date                      : 11/04/2015

Chettiyakkapalayam, Thamaraikulam,
Kinathukkadavu, Neghamam Main road,
Coimbatore - 642 120, Tamil Nadu.

Mr.Mathesh – +91 9698980088
Mr.Karthikeyan – +91 9159115969

Ms.Papitha Velumani – +91 9095395333

Registration Fees:2500
Contact no:9095395333

Venue details:

Chettiyakkapalayam, Thamaraikulam,
Kinathukkadavu, Neghamam Main road,
Coimbatore - 642 120, Tamil Nadu.


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